The West Fargo Educational Foundation is the premier supporter of West Fargo Public Schools. We serve to celebrate past, current, and future excellence. We supplement and support creative initiatives for students and staff. We are an inspiring community catalyst and collaborator, helping find the means and resources to assist the district in its noblest pursuits. Because the Foundation exists, the district is better able to celebrate its legacy, create capacity to enhance current efforts of students and staff, and achieve the highest dreams and goals of students in their future.


Inspiring and celebrating excellence in West Fargo Public Schools


1. Be the strongest, most recognized force in the community in support of WFPS and in collaboration with other supporting entities.

2. Support and celebrate creative and innovative practices that go beyond or supplement the district’s normal capacities.

3. Support and celebrate the heritage and accomplishments of WFPS students and staff.

4. Help the district embrace, reflect and educate its diverse community.