Our Hearts are sad  as we have learned of the passing of Mr. Greg Grooters.  West Fargo Sheyenne High School Principal Greg Grooters never wavered in his passion and dedication for his school and students.  Our thoughts are with Mr. Grooters’ family, friends and all those in the West Fargo School District.
A Donation Page has been set up to honor his legacy through grants for students and teachers of West Fargo through the West Fargo Educational Foundation.

Donate to Honor Mr. Greg Grooters

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Create exemplary futures for West Fargo Public Schools students, by enhancing the district’s capacity for all students to achieve 21st Century Skills.

Our Vision

To boldly advance the education of West Fargo Public Schools students by providing progressive opportunities for learning above and beyond the basic curriculum. These actions will be achieved by respecting West Fargo heritage, building on the West Fargo Alumni legacy, and inspiring the future by noble pursuits. Through these endeavors and supporting West Fargo teachers, parents and administration, the West Fargo Education Foundation will strive to empower students with the capacity for success.