2015 West Fargo High School Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Outstanding Alumni: Robert Becklund WFHS graduate 1979 currently the Chief of Staff of the ND Air National Guard
  • Outstanding Alumni: Paul Laney WFHS graduate 1984.  National award winning sheriff
  • Outstanding Past Faculty Member: Mary Knox-Johnson former teach and drama advisor.  Established the West Fargo High School Drama/Theatre programs.
  • Outstanding Community Member: Dave Samson.  West Fargo High School Gradate.  He excelled in press coverage of all West Fargo activites.
  • Outstanding Group/Team/Organization: 1993 Girls’ Softball Team, 1st softball team at West Fargo High and helped establish softball in North Dakota

Join us Friday October 1, 2015 at Speedway Events Center for the induction of the 2015 West Fargo High School Hall of Fame inductees.

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